By Ernie Over


The move is nearly complete. Only one more station to go and we’ll be like a menu item at a Chinese restaurant … A Happy Family. Awaiting installation and tuning of a new satellite dish and then KVOW will make the move, hopefully in a few days. Moving five radio stations of the WyoToday Radio Network has been a summer-long affair. The engineers were working on what was needed at the new site at the Ranger Building at 421 East Main Street in Riverton, getting those items installed and, of course, building out the new studios. When it came time to move last week, everything was ready, and the stations were moved in pairs. At the same time, improvements of the stations’ respective transmitter sites were underway, It all adds up to better signal strength for our listeners.

Meanwhile, at the paper office, the newsroom now has 10 workstations with a combination of the newspaper and radio reporters and graphic designers all in one place. It can be a bit noisy at times, but also exciting as the stories flow in and the camaraderie grows.

Our local high school football season is now underway, and it is off to a less than auspicious beginning. Congratulations is due to the Dubois Rams, the only team that came away with a win last weekend. But it is still early in the season. Support your local team.

The talk is still buzzing a week later about the Wyoming Cowboys’ huge win Saturday at Laramie over the Big 12’s Texas Tech Red Raiders in Double Overtime. How many people left the TV or turned the radio off when the visitors had a 17-0 lead? I’m sure a few did. But just like that big game against Missouri five years ago, after spotting the Tigers a big two touchdown lead, the Pokes came back to win it in dramatic fashion. The big crowd of 26,450 at War Memorial Stadium lingered for quite a while after rushing the field soaking up the victory. I’ve only rushed a football field once after a win. That was when Wyoming defeated UCLA in the Las Vegas Bowl a number of years ago. Friend Larry and I were in the crowd for that game and when it became apparent the Cowboys were going to win, we moved from our seats with hundreds of other Poke fans. It was a longer drop than I thought but it was exciting. I don’t think I’ll do it again!

Have you been to a farmers’ market yet this summer? This is the prime time for them as most gardens and fields are producing bumper crops of fresh vegetables. It was fun to be at Riverton’s Wednesday evening market when corn was celebrated. One purchase from a vendor earned a shopper a free ear of roasted corn, and the line was quite long most of the evening. And the roasted corn? Delicious. Coming before you know it will be the Riverton Fall Harvest Festival in October.

For the first time in a while, Central Wyoming Regional Airport in Riverton has hosted an air show. The Wings and Wheels fly and drive-In occurred this morning and early afternoon. Look for it every other year, swapping the annual dates with Lander. This year was Riverton, next year Lander and so on. There were classic cars to view, as well as a good variety of winged aircraft and a few helicopters, as well. Airport Division Manager Paul Griffin, who has been working since last fall on the details,  expected around 25-30 aircraft as he blanketed the state and surrounding states with info on how to participate. We’ll have to update what occurred in this coming week’s news.

Have a good week.