CHEYENNE – A person stabbed in the abdomen with the point of a shed antler is seeking medical costs from the assailant, in the 2023 Wyoming High School Mock Trial case released Sept. 1 to high school teams. The competition is Dec. 2 in Cheyenne.

The growing interest and aggressive behavior among shed antler hunters in Wyoming creates the scenario that sets up a confrontation between two people in the favorite WHSMT venue of Carter County, Wyoming. Defendant Frankie Ross is a well-known critic of behavior by shed hunters, and plaintiff Robin Warren is an equally well-known shed hunter who has a reputation of cheating.

This year’s case and the rules of evidence and competition are posted on

WHSMT competition is open to any team of 6-8 students. Teams get cases Sept. 1 and work with teachers and attorney coaches over the next 12 weeks to compete against other teams at the state competition in Cheyenne. Mock trial is for students who enjoy analyzing a problem, strategizing a solution, working with a team and coaches to become an attorney or witness in a real-time contest. It’s for schools looking for another way to align with state educational content and performance standards in a program that integrates performing arts, language arts and social studies.

The winner represents Wyoming at the National High School Mock Trial competition in May in Delaware.

WHSMT is supported by a grant from the Wyoming State Bar Association and by the volunteer members of the bar who serve to preside and score “trials” at the state competition. The coordinators are Marguerite Herman and George Powers.

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