The One Shot Antelope Hunt Club will sponsor a hunter education class in Lander starting on August 8, 2023. The class will be taught by veteran instructor, Bruce Campbell, and will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings for a couple weeks.  

“This is the fourth class we have sponsored and we want to support and promote local involvement in hunting and the outdoors. We hope to continue to sponsor more classes like this in the future,” said One Shot Guide Paul Fontaine.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Lander Information and Education Specialist Rene Schell explained, “We have a real need for hunter education classes and anytime we can partner with volunteer instructors as well as local organizations to benefit local residents, it is a good thing.”

The class fee is covered by The One Shot organization; spots are still available and open to anyone. You may register for the class at To register you must have a sportsperson identification number (SPID) which you may look up or create on the Game and Fish website at

If you have questions or need help registering please call the Lander Regional Office at 307-332-2688.