All suspects are considered innocent unless convicted in a court of law. 

July 7

• 10:22 a.m. 800 block North Eighth West – A woman was reported acting strangely and possibly intoxicated. When officers arrived Sarah Evans, 41, Kinnear, was leaving the area driving a white 1999 Pontiac. After reportedly observing several traffic violations officers pulled her over. She reportedly failed field-sobriety tests and was arrested for DWUI.

• 12:51 p.m. 1200 block East Fremont – A daycare center reported a small dog keeps getting out of its yard and being aggressive with kids at the center. 

• 3:02 p.m. 200 block North Federal – A passerby reported a fight in progress. Kerry Clingman, 43, Riverton, and Skyler Hettgar, 20, Riverton, were both cited for disturbance/fighting in public.

• 5:10 p.m. 600 block North Federal – Rastacia Monroe, 19, Riverton, was arrested for shoplifting a $14.56 bottle of New Amsterdam Raspberry liquor. She also had an active Fremont County arrest warrant.

• 6:27 p.m. 1300 block South Federal – An argument over funeral arrangements escalated and became physical. After interviewing those involved, officers cited Elaine Fasthorse, 39, Riverton, for assault and battery and wrote citations for assault and battery and destruction of property to be served on another individual who had fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival.

• 9:04 p.m. 3000 block College Hill Drive – A five-year-old girl was bitten by a dog. The dog owner was contacted and officers learned that the dog was not vaccinated. 

• 9:20 p.m. 600 North Broadway Avenue – An individual sent compromising photos to someone online and now that person is threatening to post on social media them unless money is sent. The victim was told this is a common scam and was advised to block him on Facebook and report his account as a scam account.

July 8

• 1:08 a.m. 2300 East Adams Avenue – Dominic Babington, 29, Riverton, was arrested for violation of bond conditions.

• 8:53 a.m. 200 block North Federal – A woman coming home from the hospital reported people in her house that her son invited, they had been drinking and she could not awake them. The subjects were moved along without incident. 

• 11:08 a.m. 200 block North Federal – John Antelope, 56, Pavillion, was arrested for public intoxication with a blood-alcohol content measured at .317 percent.

• 12:16 p.m. 300 block North Federal – A stolen report was taken on a missing green 2009 Honda TRX 500 four wheeler.

• 3:48 p.m. 2300 block East Adams – A fight was reported after someone was reported stealing an air conditioner. After interviewing those on scene officers arrested Braydon Duran, 24, Riverton, for battery on a family member, and possession of methamphetamine. He also had a Riverton city arrest warrant.

• 4:20 p.m. 100 block North Broadway at East Fremont – Christopher SunRhodes, 69, Arapahoe, was arrested on a Riverton city warrant.

• 4:48 p.m. 1300 block South Federal – A report was made of a tipi being slashed. Reporting party accused her cousin of slashing the tipi but it happened sometime during the night and there were no witness. 

July 9

• 2:06 p.m. 2300 East Adams – A man was reported yelling, disruptive and kicking doors. The fellow was in his own house destroying his own property – there was no violation of law.

• 6:23 p.m. 600 block East Fremont – Officers located an individual in City Park matching the given description of a man who allegedly fired a shot into the air at City Park. Officers ordered him to the ground. He reportedly initially refused but eventually complied. A search of his person produced a loaded 9mm High Point Pistol. Gentry Blackburn, 30, Riverton, was arrested and charged with reckless endangering for having fired two rounds from the pistol in a residential area. In addition he was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a stolen firearm.

• 7:23 p.m. 300 block North Federal – Charles Brown, 26, Arapahoe, was contacted and arrested on a Riverton city warrant

• 10:02 p.m. 800 block South Federal –  A 2017 maroon Chevy Trax, with a temporary tag from Midway Auto, was reported stolen. The reporting party does not have anything with the vin number and stated they went to Pit Stop to put in gas and someone took the vehicle and was driving around. The reporting party said the vehicle was lent to her cousin but could not provide much on it in the way of identifying plates or numbers.

July 10

• 12:27 a.m. 730 North Second Street West – Andre Goodman, 25, Arapahoe, was found to be in physical control of a silver 2014 Dodge Charger which was parked in the parking lot of Sunset Park after hours. After reportedly failing field sobriety tests he was arrested for DWUI.