By Sarah Elmquist Squires

Managing Editor

This summer, even if you’ve got your drive times down to a T, you’ll want to be forewarned about roadwork projects that can turn your commute into a crawl. Right now, drive times from Riverton to Dubois may be significantly increased depending on when you hop into the queue awaiting a pilot car escort through construction that’s limited 287 to one lane for miles, and throughout this summer WYDOT has dozens of projects to overhaul roadways that you should note for warm-weather excursions. 

WYDOT image 
Green: Interstate highway work zones: Generally, there are no delays or detours. Travel may be narrowed to one lane each way and involve a reduced speed limit. Orange: Two-lane road projects: At times, motorists may have to drive on gravel or another temporary surface, typically for two miles or less. Delays are limited; there are no detours unless specifically noted but there may be a pilot car.  Magenta: District-wide projects: Various locations; may involve reduced speeds. 

Your guide to Wyoming’s summer construction season

A1: U.S. 26/287 Dubois-Diversion Dam, Crowheart section; asphalt milling, overlay, chip seal. Mile marker 72.13-85.03.

A2: District 5 bridge rehab; grading, milling, pavement, bridge rehab, guardrail work. Wyo. 789, mile marker 90.59; Wyo. 120, mile marker 100.53; delays expected. 

A3: U.S. 26/287 Moran Junction-Dubois, Buffalo Fork section; asphalt milling, overlay, chip seal, bridge rehab over Buffalo Fork of the Snake River. Mile marker 2.2-7.53. Portable traffic signal; delays expected.

A4: U.S. 14/16/20 west of Cody. Yellowstone National Park to Fishhawk Trailhead. Mile marker 0.0 (Yellowstone east entrance) to 10.25 (Fishhawk Trailhead); milling, paving, guardrail work; delays expected. 

A5: Wyo. 433 Worland to Manderson; bridge replacements, reconstruction of roadway north of Worland, demolition/reconstruction of three bridges, grading, asphalt pavement surfacing, fencing, chip sealing. Mile marker 4.14-5.50; delays expected.

A6: U.S. 14A/Byron Streets; asphalt pavement, electrical work, traffic control, sidewalk, curb/gutter, grading, surfacing, milling on 1.4 miles; short delays expected.

A7: U.S. 26/Riverton, Diversion Dam, Kinnear section; asphalt pavement milling, overlay, chip seal. Mile marker 112.98-125.11; delays expected.

A8: Wyo. 135/Riverton, Sand Draw, Beaver Rim section. Mile marker 24.15-34.59; chip seal of roadway and Sweetwater Station rest area to complete project in June; delays expected.

A9: U.S. 14A Lovell/Burgess Junction, Lovell East section; pavement leveling, paving, chip sealing and guardrail. Mile marker 46.71-55.42; delays expected.

A10: U.S. 20/26 between Shoshoni and Casper, passing lane overlay; asphalt paving, chip seal, traffic control and other work on seven sets of passing lanes; includes work at the Waltman rest area.

A11: U.S. 14/16/20 Cody-Yellowstone tunnel light replacement project; removal/replacement of tunnel lighting system, installation of tunnel warning system. Mile marker 45 to one mile east; project work at night; delays expected.

A12: U.S. 310/Wyo. 789 Deaver-Montana state line, Frannie section; pavement milling, overlay and chip seal. Mile marker 249.49-257.03; delays expected. 

A13: U.S. 14A Garland-Byron, Sidon Canal section; pavement milling, overlay and chip sealing. Mile marker 33.76-38; delays expected.

A14: District 5 culvert lining project, various locations on Wyo. 30 and U.S. 20/Wyo. 789; delays expected.

A15: District 5 guardrail project, guardrail replacement, U.S. 16. Mile marker 34-35.5; delays expected.

A16: Lovell-Burgess, junction warning systems, U.S. 14A; electrical and signing, replacement of blank-out sign. Mile marker 68.5; delays expected.

A17: Thermopolis-Worland slope flattening project, U.S. 20/Wyo. 789; grading, drainage, asphalt pavement surfacing and other work. Mile marker 141.78-145.51; delays expected.

A18: Cottonwood Creek BROS bridge replacement project, Washakie CR 86; removal, placement of bridge structure, asphalt paving, grading.

A19: Big Horn County Road 16 1/2, Georgia-Pacific Road; asphalt paving and milling grading, lining of existing pipes.

A20: Lander-Hudson, state school section, Wyo. 789. Mile marker 80.97-82.40; asphalt paving, sidewalk, curb/gutter, milling, wearing course.

A21: Ethete-Kinnear, Johnstown section, Wyo. 132. Mile marker 80.16-81.03, 73.97-79.10; asphalt milling/paving, bridge rehab, chip sealing, sidewalk curb/gutter.

A23: Riverton streets, Little Wind River pedestrian bridge, Wyo. 789. Mile marker 102.93; installing river barbs upstream of pedestrian bridge

A24: Cody-Yellowstone, Buffalo Bill section, U.S. 14/16/20. Mile marker 36.41 (Trout Creek) to 41.69 (Buffalo Bill State Park campground/boat launch); settlement repair (four locations) milling, overlay, chip sealing, slop flattening, reclamation and cleanup follows.

A25: Badger Basin section, Wyo. 294. Mile marker 0 (intersection of Wyo. 294/U.S. 14A) to 9.84 northwest; asphalt pavement overlay, chip sealing, minor slope flattening, guardrail repairs.

B1: Crack seal in various locations: Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater counties; bituminous surfacing, traffic control and other work.

B2: I-80 Rock Springs East. Mile marker 105-120; bridge replacement, concrete paving in EB lane; two-way traffic in WB lane; 16-foot width restriction.

B3: Rock Springs/I-80 Interchange Road; replace/reconstruct interchange, 0.81 miles.

B4: Contract patch in various locations: Lincoln, Uinta, Sweetwater counties; bituminous surfacing, milling, traffic control and other work.

B5: Wyo. 89/Idaho border. Mile marker 45-55; box culvert installation, guardrail, cold in-place recycling, paving, chip seal; one-lane traffic, portable signals/multiple sites 24/7; 12-foot width restriction.

B6: Chip seal in various locations; Sublette, Sweetwater counties; bituminous surfacing, chip seal, traffic control and other work.

B7: U.S. 89 (mile marker 108.13) Etna North; grading, draining, crushed base, bituminous surfacing, full-depth reclamation; 9.30 miles.

B8: Epoxy striping in various locations; Sweetwater, Sublette, Teton counties; striping, traffic control and other work.

B9: Idaho-Smoot (Smoot South); bituminous surfacing (recycle), traffic control, milling chip seal on 7.10 miles of U.S. 89 at mile marker 65.02 between Idaho and Smoot.

B10: Daniel Junction-Hoback Junction (40 Rod Flats section); bituminous surfacing (recycle), traffic control, fencing, milling, chip seal, bridge deck repair on 8.80 miles of U.S. 189/191 at mile marker 111.27 between Daniel Junction and Hoback Junction.

B11: Daniel Junction-Bondurant Road (U.S. 189/191); fencing, grading, traffic control on 5.10 miles of U.S. 189/191 at mile marker 131.28 between Daniel Junction and Bondurant Road.

B12: Farson-Pinedale (county line north); bituminous surfacing (recycle), traffic control, milling, chip seal on 10 miles of U.S. 191 at mile marker 51.62 between Farson and Pinedale.

B13: Green River streets/Wyo. 530 through Green River; electrical, sidewalk, curb/gutter, signing, surfacing (concrete), traffic control, grading, striping at various intersections in the town of Green River.

B14: Lyman-Green River (Little America/I-80); bituminous surfacing, milling, plant mix wearing course, traffic control on 11.90 miles in the EB lane and WB lane of I-80 at mile marker 65.44 between Lyman and Green River.

B15: Jackson-Wilson Road (Snake River bridge); bridge replacement, grading, traffic control, surfacing, bituminous and concrete surfacing, fencing on 1.80 miles on Wyo. 22, Wyo. 390 between Jackson and Wilson Road.

B16: Evanston-Lyman (Wyo. 150); electrical, surfacing (concrete), sidewalk, curb/gutter, traffic control, grading, striping at the interchange of I-80 and (Front Street) Wyo. 150 in the town of Evanston.

B17: Mountain View-Lonetree (Wyo. 414); bituminous surfacing, traffic control, guardrail, grading, milling on 9.40 miles on Wyo. 414 at mile marker 110.63 between Mountain View and Lonetree.

B18: Wyo. 150 (mile marker 2.46), Wyo. 372 (mile marker 17), Wyo. 28 Junction south; Sweetwater, Uinta counties; hot in-place recycling, resurfacing, bridge rehab, traffic control, chip seal, guardrail on 19.90 miles.

B19: U.S. 189-LaBarge/Big Piney Road; grading, milling, crushed base, resurfacing, box culverts, cattle guards, guardrail, fencing, on 19 miles (road: 1.9 miles, fencing: 14.9 miles, signing: 2.2 miles, mile marker 86).

B20: U.S. 189, mile marker 53.5; bituminous surfacing, cold in-place recycling, traffic control, grading, misc. work on 7.7 miles.

C1: U.S. 14, Ranchester bridge; replace structure over railroad tracks; lane closure with signal and one-way traffic.

C2: U.S. 87/downtown Sheridan Main Street; resurfacing and utility upgrade; closed from Dow Street to Alger Street.

C3: I-90 Sundance marginal. Mile marker 187-192; crack and seal with bridge repair; head to head traffic in the WB lane; EB lane closed.

C4: I-25 Buffalo south to the district boundary. Mile marker 272-279; mill and overlay; SB lane closed; head to head traffic in NB lane.

C5: I-90 South Dakota state line. Mile marker 201-207; crack and seal with bridge repair; WB lane closed; head to head traffic in EB lane.

C6: I-90 Wild Horse section. Mile marker 112-118; mill and overlay with bridge repairs; lane closures with traffic control.

C7: Wyo. 116 Cundy Creek. Mile marker 0-5.63; mill and overlay with shoulder work; lane closures with traffic control.

C8: U.S. 16 Buffalo West. Mile marker 63-69; mill and overlay with chip seal. Reduced speed limits and traffic control; late June start.

C9: U.S. 16 ttruck arrester/CatchNET system. Mile marker 85.40; closed for reconstruction.

C10: I-25 Buffalo South. Mile marker 282-278; wearing course application; reduced speed limit, lane closures with traffic control.

C11: Wyo. 50 Gillette south to Pine Tree Junction. Mile marker 36-52; mill/overlay; reduced speed, traffic control.

C12: U.S. 85 Newcastle south to Mule Creek Junction. Mile marker 195-202; mill and overlay; reduced speed, traffic control.

C13: I-25/Walsh Drive; bridge replacement (mile marker 185.35-186.24).

C14: I-25; three bridge rehab projects at mile marker 33, 45, and 46 in Laramie County.

C15: I-25 bridge; surface rehab between mile marker 138-142, NB and SB lanes.

C16: I-25; surface, bridge rehab; fencing and other work in NB lanes between mile marker 160-175.

C17: I-25; five bridge replacements; surfacing and other work between mile marker 189-190.

C18: I-25; surfacing and bridge rehab between mile marker 219-227 in the Midwest area.

C19: U.S. 18/20; surfacing and chip seal between mile marker 0-17 (Orin Junction east).

C20: Wyo. 34; surfacing between mile marker 45-2 in Platte County.

D1: I-80 between Laramie, Cheyenne. Mile marker 324-331; milling, paving and bridge rehab in EB and WB lanes; lane closures, reduced speeds.

D2: I-80/Halleck Ridge. Mile marker 245-252; milling, paving, bridge and guardrail work in EB and WB lanes; lane closures, reduced speeds.

D3: I-80/Arlington; milling, paving and bridge work; lane closures, reduced speeds.

D4: District-wide crack seal project; contractor is intermittently working in Southeast Wyoming.

D5: Curtis Street bridge replacement, Laramie.

D6: Cheyenne Marginal; I-80 Roundtop Road bridges under construction.

D7: Terry Ranch Road/U.S. 85; milling, paving on U.S. 85 between College Drive and Terry Ranch Road.

D8: Baggs to Colorado state line; milling/paving, structure repair; lane closures, reduced speeds.

D9: Chalk Bluffs Road; safety project; install of a SB (U.S. 85) left-turn lane to EB Chalk Bluffs Road; grading to widen U.S. 85; milling and hot plant mix overlay; striping.

D10: U.S. 30/Wyo. 34 Junction east. Mile marker 0-9.7; asphalt overlay, seal coating; begins in June.

D11: Wyo. 230, Lake Hattie section. Mile marker 2.4-11.5; chip seal in June, continuation from last year’s project; scheduled to be completed in five days.

D12: Wyo. 789/Wyo. 70; town of Baggs. Mile marker 50-53 and 0-0.9; mill, overlay, seal coat and structure work.  Work begins in June.