All suspects are considered innocent unless convicted in a court of law. 

Lander Police reports

June 2

• 11:22 a.m. 500 block Amoretti Street – A woman received a fraudulent call that said $10,000 was placed into her bank account and that she needed to withdraw $9,000 and send it to an address.

• 10:29 a.m. Popo Agie Street – Kyle Wallowingbull, 25, Ethete, was arrested for public intoxication. 

• 11:53 p.m. 100 block Pushroot Court – A second complaint was filed about a resident feeding wildlife. 

June 4

• 12:49 p.m. Highway 789 ad Chittim Road – Deidre Comesrunningbuck, 36, Lander, was cited for driving without a license and having no proof of insurance .

• 8:52 p.m. 725 Main Street, Mr. D’s Liquor – Police received a report that a customer’s credit card was denied but they took the product and left the store. 

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office reports


• Martin K. Blackburn, 19, Lander, was arrested for driving while under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, having no proof of insurance, failing to report an accident, and on a failure to appear warrant;

• Stephanie A. Fruciano, 37, Sheridan, was arrested for simple assault, child endangerment, and interference with a peace officer.

• Samuel F. Whiteplume, 41, Riverton, was arrested for larceny and interference with a peace officer.

• Domenich A. Gumfory, 25, Lander, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant.

• Jay D. Roberts, 46, Fort Washakie, was arrested for criminal trespass.

• Cefus J. Wood, 33, Shoshoni, was arrested on a revocation of probation warrant.

May 30

• 8:13 a.m. 700 North First Street, Dubois – Fremont County School District #2 reported vandalism.

• 9:19 a.m. 200 East Second Street at South Illinois Avenue, Hudson – Damage to the Hudson Library was reported along with additional damage to the town park.

• 7:03 p.m. Y Drive, Riverton – A sheep was killed by a dog at large running in a flock of sheep. 

• 8:49 p.m. North Cherry Street, Pavillion – Three dogs reportedly attacked a person and his dogs. The male victim had dog bites through his sweater and the dog was bitten on its butt. 

• 9:50 p.m. Black Mountain, WRIR – A vehicle was stuck in the ice on Black Mountain. A deputy assisted the party in getting unstuck. 

• There was one grass fire reported at 21 Burma Road.

May 31

• 9:19 a.m. David’s Way, Riverton – A complaint of animal abuse is under investigation.

• 10:16 a.m. 460 Railroad Avenue – A simple assault in under investigation at the Fremont County Detention Center. 

• 11:53 p.m. Pavillion – A complaint was filed regarding the welfare of a child in Pavillion. 

• 2:02 p.m. Firethorn Lane – A theft of service complaint was received.

• 3:28 p.m. 180 Red Wolf Place – A vehicle was reported stolen from the parking lot of the Wind River Hotel and Casino. 

• 7:22  p.m. Spriggs Drive, Lander – A complaint alleged neighbors were dumping grass clipping into a horse pasture and were asked to stop. When confronted, the suspect allegedly became aggressive.

June 1

• 9:28 a.m. 1005 College View Drive – A female driver drove into the Wind River Medical Clinic’s waiting room, which fortunately was not occupied at the time. There were no injuries. 

• 12:03 p.m. Sprouts Greenhouse and Garden, Lander – A vehicle went through a fence by the dumpster and driver began revving the engine. A 19-year-old male was arrested for driving while under the influence. 

• 12:55 p.m. Riverton area – A boy on a sleepover was bitten by his friend’s dog. The skin was broken and the boy has a bruise. The owner of the dog reported the dog was current on its vaccinations. 

• 5:48 p.m. Hudson – A red colored older Chrysler vehicle ran into the side of Franks Convenience Store. Minimal damage was reported. One post was knocked over. 

• 8:02 p.m. Riverton Walmart – A 41-year-old male was arrested for interference and theft after running from a deputy. 

Riverton Police reports

June 2

• 7:48 a.m. 600 block South Second West – A white over black Jeep Wrangler parked in front of a shop withe the keys in the vehicle was reported stolen. The vehicle did not have license plates. It has been entered into NCIC. 

• 8:10 a.m. 800 West Park – A report was received of a man asking women to get into his vehicle. The vehicle was located and a 52-year-old man admitted to the incident. He was warned.

• 12:20 p.m. 500 block East Park – A violation of a protection order was reported, again, as a female’s former spouse continues to leave notes on her vehicle. The report was forwarded to the county attorney’s office for further action. 

• 2:56 p.m. 800 block North Federal – Doug Bigmedicine, 45, Ethete, had been issued a trespass notice for the business earlier and so he was cited for trespassing and moved along.

• 3:25 p.m. 700 block North  Federal – Officers reviewed security footage of a theft and identified the suspect from prior contacts. He was contacted the next day and admitted to the theft. Doug Bigmedicine, 45, Ethete, was cited for theft of a $55 pair of jeans.

• 3:44 p.m. 1000 block East Lincoln – A traditional women’s buckskin dress and a Nintendo Switch was stolen. A report was taken and the dress, which was valued at $800, and the switch valued at $150, were located at a local pawn store and recovered and a suspect has been identified.

• 4:51 p.m. 2200 block Rose Lane – The theft of a package of clothes delivered through the mail was reported. 

• 7:10 p.m. 1300 block South Federal – Cody Eagle, 27, Riverton, was arrested for domestic battery for allegedly assaulting a 41-year-old family member and injuring him.

• 7:16 p.m. 1010 Fairgrounds Drive – A 14-year-old Riverton girl was cited for assaulting a 13-year-old Riverton girl and both were released to their respective parents.

• 7:36 p.m. 400 block East Pershing Avenue – Marcus Friday, 46, Riverton, was arrested on an RPD warrant and Toby Alonzo, 47, Ethete, was arrested for public intoxication with a blood-alcohol content measured at .231 percent.

• 7:53 p.m. 1100 block West Main – Police received a report of the theft of four pairs of shoes with a value of $296. 

• 7:57 p.m. East Pershing Avenue – Martin Harris, 58, Riverton, was arrested for public intoxication with a blood-alcohol content measured at .28 percent.

• 9:51 p.m. 1010 Fairgrounds Drive – 16- and 17-year-old Riverton girls were both cited for fighting in public and released to their parents.

June 3

• 7:53 a.m. 1500 block East Forest Drive at North 16th East – A 50-year-old female who had spraypainted “Love is Joy” in the street was contacted and advised to stop. As the paint was already washing away in the rain there was no damage.

• 12:35 200 West Adams – A man who had been in jail was released and found the windows on his pickup had been broken out. 

• 3:41 p.m. 600 block North Federal – Cory Sunrhodes, 36, Riverton, was arrested on two Riverton city warrants.

• 6:04 p.m North Eighth West at West Pershing – A red 2007 Ford which was westbound on West Pershing ran the stop sign at its intersection with North Eighth West and was stuck broadside by a northbound 2021 Dodge Ram. There were minor injuries to both a passenger in the Ram and the driver of the Ford. The 82-year-old male driver of the Ford was cited for running the stop sign and a driver’s license re-test was requested.

• 8:28 p.m. Riverton City Park – Brian Sunrhodes, 38, Fort Washakie, was arrested for public intoxication with a BAC of .336.

• 9:34 p.m. 1010 Fairgrounds Drive – Jonathan Knight, 24, Arapahoe, was arrested on a two-day hold for probation and parole.

June 4

• 12:22 a.m. 500 block South Federal – Robert Willow, 42, Riverton, was arrested for public intoxication.

• 3:46 a.m. 700 block North Second West – A 13-year-old Riverton girl was cited for underaged drinking with a blood-alcohol content measured at .081 percent.

• 4:31 a.m. 900 block South Federal – Morton Armajo, 62, Kinnear, was inside a parked car with the engine running. He was in the driver’s seat and reportedly failed field sobriety tests. He was arrested for DWUI and also charged with possession of marijuana.

• 5:32 p.m. 400 block North Federal – Corey Hill, 29, Riverton, was arrested for destruction of property for allegedly breaking a $400 window, and battery as a result of the flying glass injuring an occupant of the room.

• 6 p.m. 700 block East Main behind La Luna Restaurant – Brian Anderson, 41, Riverton, was arrested for public intoxication with a blood-alcohol content measured at .195 percent.

• 7:02 p.m. 600 block East Lincoln – Santee Moss, 31, Fort Washakie, was contacted and found to have an active Fremont County warrant and was taken into custody.

June 5

• 1:47 a.m. 400 block North Fifth East – Officers contacted Andrea Scribner, 40, Riverton, in the area and subsequently arrested her for disturbance.