By Ernie Over, WyoToday

Another rite of spring has sprung. That being cleaning windshields of bugs that have started to accumulate. We went all winter with just some ice and frost scraping and clearing of snow once and awhile, but now the bugs are starting to mount up again with the warmer weather. And that’s nearly every day. Thank goodness the fueling stations have windshield cleaners and such. A small price to pay for the warmer weather.

I’ve been watching the level of our local rivers. So far, so good, although the Little Wind River just south of Riverton is getting high. Still under the banks but getting close in some low-lying areas. Looking to past years, most flood events here happen in late May and early June, so the watch continues.

I’ve also noticed that activity in the ag community has picked up quite a bit since the fields have dried out from all that snow we received. Fertilizer spreaders are out, some fields are being plowed for new crops, pastures are being dragged to loosen up the soil a bit for the grazing livestock and some corrugating is going on at existing fields.  And the alfalfa is greening up now. And I just noticed this past weekend that the Midvale Irrigation District is now charging their big canals in advance of irrigation season. With that comes a few new center pivot sprinklers I’ve seen sprout up around the county that help with water conservation. Remind your younger kids to be wary of the canals and laterals and ditches and such. A very tempting place to play.

One of the pleasant aroma’s I’ve detected so far, mostly in town and mostly on the way home with my car windows rolled down, is the sweet smell of barbecues being fired up and grilling underway. Very appetizing. It goes without saying to pay attention to the grills and not leave them unattended while cooking your grub. Make sure the area is clear of anything that can catch fire. The ounce of prevention thing…

My brother James and myself took in a baseball game this past weekend over in Lander. Watching the Lander Lobos from a safe parking place behind the right field outfield fence. (well, mostly safe unless a home run ball sails over the fence.) Where to park at a game is important too. Avoid the baseline parking lots, at least close to the fences. Lots of foul balls drop in that area. For Sunday’s game, I had my cell phone on and tuned on to WyotodayYoutube to hear the play-by-by with Shawn O’Brate. It was good to see, and hear, live baseball again. Last year the Lobos had a very exciting state tournament that they hosted, coming from behind several times late in games to win the state championship. Good luck to the Lobos this season.  Lander will host the Pacific Northwest Tournament not this year, but next season. Lander City Park is a great place to watch baseball. Hope to see you there soon.

Have a good week.

Ernie Over is an employee owner and a staff member of The Ranger, Lander Journal and Wind River News. He’s also the news director of the five-station WyoTodayMedia Radio Network in Fremont and Hot Springs counties, and the editor of the award winning Internet local news site.