The Boysen Ice Fishing Derby drew folks from across the region to partake in the fun. In the trout category, Alyssa Brown netted the biggest fish at 5.03, with Adam Lye close on her heels with 5.00. For perch, Clayne Standish brought in a weight of 1.10, with both Tyler Elkins and Kenneth Post netting 1.09. A crappie weighing 1.14 caught by Wayne Olsen grabbed the top spot, with Jeremy Lyons reeling in a 1.11. Damion Knigge snagged a walleye weighing in at 3.15, with John Winter securing the second and third spots with 3.13 and 3.12. For Ling, Tristen Boysen netted a 4.08, Westlyn Parkins grabbed a 3.08, and Zebulon Malesker netted a 3.07.