By Sarah Elmquist Squires

Managing Editor

Donald Floyd Detimore, 70, has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor, third-degree sexual abuse of a minor, and two counts of immoral or indecent acts, alleging he molested children going back as early as 1978 and as recent as 2015. The most serious charge, first-degree sex abuse, carries a penalty of a minimum of 25 years to a maximum of 50 years in prison. His trial is expected in mid-May 2023. 

Officials reportedly received allegations of sexual abuse decades ago, but charges never surfaced until last spring, when the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department began investigating allegations Detimore sexually abused a child in 2014. A special agent from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation began to assist the investigation in April 2022. 

The most recent alleged victim provided testimony to investigators that the alleged abuse began when the child was approximately seven years old and continued until the child was approximately nine years old. 

Investigators re-examined a case from 2002 that included allegations against Detimore that hadn’t resulted in charges. An affidavit alleges Detimore had sexual contact with a teenaged minor, to whom he allegedly wrote love letters. 

Detimore was arrested in May 2022. In September 2022, following a tip, investigators looked through records and found a file from December 18, 1984, when allegations had surfaced that Detimore had molested another minor six years prior. A representative of the Fremont County Department of Public Assistance and Social Services reportedly interviewed Detimore in December 1984 about the alleged incident in 1978. A Fremont County Sheriff’s Department investigator then reportedly interviewed Detimore in January 1985, when Detimore allegedly admitted he had sexually molested the victim on at least two occasions in 1978, although he did not appear to have faced any criminal consequences at the time.