By Jeff Rebitski

Staff Writer

After an impressive tour of the new Rustler Ag and Equine Complex, the tour group of local business owners, community stakeholders, and political figures joined the CWC Board of Trustees for a dinner at the Native Heritage Center at CWC to discuss their ideas about how the college is doing and what it can do to better serve and partner with the community to accelerate the economic growth in each town. 

The Community Dialog dinner was an idea that CWC President Dr. Brad Tyndall says was long anticipated as he and his staff of exceptional educators and program directors prepare for the coming year, with dramatic changes to the agricultural and academic curricula.

The meal, prepared by the culinary team, was followed by a round table discussion that included questions to be answered by various civic and academic leaders as they ate and discussed things that could help CWC adjust to meet the needs of future entrepreneurs. 

Each of the communities in Fremont County is attempting to develop its economic development strategies, looking toward the future and working within their local municipalities to create businesses in their towns. There are great opportunities for anyone to develop and build a thriving business through the multiple programs that offer not only training and support but often money to use for early development and planning. 

Not only did this dinner provide helpful and necessary communication and idea sharing, but new friends and connections that will help network ideas and help community leaders and stakeholders. 

Just when it seemed like there is nothing new under the sun, new ideas begin to percolate up from the hard ground as people share failures and successes with those who add their own blend of hits and misses to the conversation. Within minutes, the whole table was chattering about the possibilities and chances waiting to be taken as the latest edition of Impact 307, Fremont County Startup Challenge, began on January 16 with its open applications period that will run through February 20. Dr. Liz Simpson of SOAR Inc. who lives and operates in Dubois, and operates a similar challenge program stated, “We need to learn from our mistakes and not let them take us down. Use them to learn and move forward.”