By Ernie Over


The local real estate market cooled down in 2022 compared to 2021 numbers, according to Realtor Olivia Prince at Wind River Realty. Speaking on the Wind River Radio Network program Let’s Talk Fremont on Thursday morning, Prince said there were 81 fewer sales this past year in Riverton and 44 fewer sales in Lander. For the record, there were 327 sales in Riverton in 2021, compared to last year’s 246. In Lander, there were 160 sales in 2021 and 116 in 2022. 

“We’ve had a shortage of inventory in both cities, and that’s resulted in fewer sales,” Prince said. “We’ve also seen houses stay on the market about 15 days longer this past year than in 2021.” Prince said there is about a three-month-long inventory of available residential homes in the county at the current time. Ideally, she said that should be at least five to seven months. 

Prince also noted that the most attractive homes lately have been rural addresses with some acreage. “Those properties that come up sell very quickly. They’re prime properties and there are very few of them that come on the market.”

Prince said since it is the new year, her company is going to be sponsoring a free “Wind and Wealth” event later this month so people can plan a bit into the future. “We have speakers lined up to talk about estates, insurance and investment topics, and it’s open to anyone who may be interested,” she said. There will be a packet of information available so Prince asks those interested to RSVP so enough materials are available. For more information call 856-3999 or visit the Wind River Realty’s website and Facebook pages.