Paintings for sale hung on the walls of Intuitive Arts by Ducky Tuesday in Riverton. Store owner and painter Jess Pecarina holds an associates degree in Art from Central Wyoming College where she honed her skills on different mediums. Photos by Carl Cote

By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

One of the latest and most innovative businesses in Riverton is a quaint arts and holistic healing center located in the heart of Riverton. Intuitive Arts By Ducky is an effort by the proprietor and owner Jess Pecarina, who began her healing journey many years ago after realizing the damage done by trauma and abuse.

Jess Pecarina stood for a portrait in her new storefront for her business Intuitive Arts by Ducky Tuesday in Riverton. Pecarina sells homeopathic remdies and her own paintings along with arts and crafts materials in the new store.

“Throughout trauma, abuse, addictions, and brain injuries; I have found the peace and serenity of creating to be my medicine,” she shared. “When intuition takes over and creativity flows freely, a process of healing begins. My work draws out the energy stuck in the past, to deal with those emotions in the present and heal for a better future. As a child, I said that my favorite toy was mud. I was drawn to water, trees, rocks, and animals. I braided crowns from dandelions and enjoyed creating as much as I possibly could. As an adult, I can’t say too much of that has changed. I must never forget where I came from and stick to my roots. I am honored to be able to help others through my stories and my work.”

Her goal is to offer the healing that is in all art to the person who may already identify with finding peace and harmony through the use of tactile arts as well as the person who may simply be curious about what can be available through these tactile and/or spiritual forms of introspective healing methods.

A gong and rain stick sat inside of Intuitive Arts by Ducky Tuesday in Riverton. Owner Jess Pecarina offers alternative therapy with sound baths inside the store.

From the use of sound to the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, crystals, and other non-traditional methods, Ducky professes to provide the ability to help with a vast number of physical, emotional, and spiritual maladies that can complicate and debilitate people in all walks of life. According to Ducky, “Sometimes, when traditional medicine fails, non-traditional forms of therapies can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Cedar and eucalyptus incense sat for sale inside of Intuitive Arts by Ducky Tuesday in Riverton.

The whole person is the focus of her business. Intuitive Arts By Ducky allows a person to explore alternative ways to find peace, healing, and solace in this ever-changing and chaotic space in which we live. Appointments may be made by contacting Ducky through her website She keeps regular business hours and is available to meet your needs through art, music, and relaxation or by exposing you to art that fills a void in your life; appointments may be made for a variety of both in-person and phone sessions. Ducky invites you to contact her for questions and schedules.