Custom made Jewelry handcrafted by Marilyn Hilzer King sat for sale inside of the Fremont Center during the Winter Art Fair Saturday. Photo by Carl Cote.

By: Carl Cote and
Sarah Elmquist Squires

Handmade jewelry, pottery, local honey and more were on sale last weekend during the Winter Art Fair in Riverton.

Wendy Heermann stood at her booth selling pottery and Double Trouble honey Saturday afternoon at the Winter Art Fair in Riverton. Photo by Carl Cote.

Wendy Heermann showed off her wares — Double Trouble honey and smooth pottery that caught the light just so. Onlookers admired the handywork of custom jeweler Marilyn Hilzer King, whose designs added a colorful touch to the local spread at the Fremont Center on Saturday.

Sonharvest Seasons owner Brian Peil showed off his rich local syrups and preserves. Photo by Carl Cote.

Goodies were also up for grabs during the fair. Sonharvest Seasons owner Brian Peil’s raspberry peach syrup sweetened the morning, and his raspberry and jalepeno preserves struck a spicy chord. “Raspberry and jalepeno sounds like a weird combination,” he said, “but they actually go together quite well.”