Rocky Mountain Power

It’s a law of physics. The colder it gets outside the more energy it takes to keep your house warm. No one can change that basic equation, but with forecasters predicting a cold winter blowing our way, there are steps you can take to keep energy bills from giving you the chills.

“Because energy use is very sensitive to winter and summer temperatures, customers are concerned about the potential for increased bills whenever extreme weather hits,” said Sharon Fain, Rocky Mountain Power vice president for Wyoming. “We offer a number of ways to manage bills during those times of the year as well as financial incentives for customers making energy efficiency improvements that lower their electric usage, such as adding insulation.

“Another option for customers is to take part in our equal pay program. Under equal pay, energy costs are averaged over the year, so bills are more predictable and manageable. This program helps customers better manage high cooling costs in the summer as well as winter heating costs.”

Here are low-cost some tips you can use today to battle cold weather:

Those with questions on incentives or the Equal Pay program may call customer service 1-888-221-7070 or download the Rocky Mountain Power app and make the switch via your mobile device.