Community members, Brunton management, and city leaders celebrated the business’ 50th anniversary with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Submitted photo.

Staff Reports

This past week was a momentous one for Brunton, as the business celebrated its 50th anniversary of manufacturing in Riverton, and the First Anniversary of new ownership as a USA-owned, female-owned, and geologist-owned small Wyoming business.

There was an official ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the anniversary with the Riverton Chamber of Commerce, two Fremont County mayors, and several other prominent local and state officeholders attending . The event included facility production tours led by Brunton management and production staff. According to Brunton, community members got a preview “into our small but mighty production facility. Many were amazed at how many individual parts are made in-house and products assembled by a 30-strong team daily to ship around the globe.”

According to Brunton, the firm “was established in 1894 when D. W. Brunton invented the pocket transit for use in the mining industry. Brunton licensed the patent to watchmaker, William Ainsworth in Denver, Colo., and the brand grew to include recreational compasses. In 1972, a group of Wyoming businessmen brought the company to Riverton. Manufacturing has remained in Riverton through several ownership changes thanks to collaborative efforts to keep the company in the community.

“In November 2021, Lauren and David Heerschap, Brunton employees and Axis inventors, purchased Brunton. This brought the brand back home to U.S. ownership and leadership after 25 years for foreign ownership.

“Brunton management, leadership and production are once again back under one roof.”