Voters Filled out their ballots inside the Fremont Center Tuesday in Riverton. Photo by Carl Cote.

By Ernie Over, WyoToday

Fremont County voters turned out at the polls Tuesday with 13,734 ballots cast. There were some surprises, an upset and a return to the status quo in other races. Municipal races were the most hotly contested with Riverton, Hudson and Dubois electing new mayors while incumbent mayors in Lander, Shoshoni and Pavillion held on to their positions.

In Lander, Mayor Monte Richardson won re-election with 1,553 votes to challenger Dan Hahn’s 1,426 but in Riverton, it was challenger Tim Hancock who topped incumbent Mayor Richard Gard with 54 percent of the vote, 1,642 to 1,343.

Gard expressed his disappointment at failing to be re-elected, and winning candidate Tim Hancock said he was humbled by the support he received.

Gard said the election result was what the people wanted, “and that works for me.” But Gard also said he was disappointed about the tenor of the election. “I didn’t get in the mud and sling it,” he told News. “As far as I can see, I don’t see what he can do now that he’s gotten rid of me. It’ll be hard to move things forward.” The mayor did say that he was glad for the opportunity to have had the job.

Hancock, for his part, said he was humbled by the trust that the citizens of Riverton have placed in him to represent them. “I will do my best to ensure that the needs of our citizens are first in mind as I join in the deliberations with the Riverton City Council. Riverton is great but let’s all work together to make it even better.”

Dubois Town Council member Patricia Neveaux moved up to the mayor’s seat with 63 percent of the vote topping Jason Kintzler 269 to 153. In Hudson, challenger Sherry Oler defeated incumbent Michael Anderson by 15 votes, 83 to 68. Shoshoni Mayor Joel Highsmith bested his challenger Jordan Whitener by 18 votes, 118 to 100. Pavillion Mayor Richard “Matt” Pattison was unopposed and gathered in 93.5 percent of the vote there.

In House District 33, a majority minority district, a Republican non-Tribal resident of Lander, Sarah Penn, unseated the county’s only Democrat in the State House, Northern Arapaho Incumbent Andi LeBeau, with 55 percent of the vote, 1,077 to 867 in an upset. Other incumbents won easily with Republican State Representative from HD 54 Lloyd Charles Larsen defeating Independent Jeff Martin with 62 percent of the vote, 2,645 to 1,560. In Riverton, Republican incumbent Ember Oakley topped Libertarian Bethany Baldes 1,798 to 1,175. HD 34 incumbent Republican Pepper Ottman was unopposed.

The County Commission District 3 race was won by newcomer Republican Ron Fabrizius of Riverton over the current chairman, Travis Becker. Becker initially did not seek re-election, but then announced a late run as an Independent. Fabrizius’ margin of victory was 1,355 to 1,204 in his second run at the office. Commissioner Clarence Thomas of Fort Washakie was unopposed for re-election as was Commissioner Michael Jones of Lander.

For Central Wyoming College Trustee Subdistrict 2 in Riverton, incumbents Craig Tolman and Gay Hughes easily outdistanced challenger Joe Lucero. CWC Subdistrict 4 was won by Incumbent Paula Hunker, who was unopposed.

In the Lander mayoral race, challenger Hahn won only one of Lander’s six precincts, that being 1-1. Richardson won the other five. In Riverton, challenger Hancock topped Gard in every precinct.

City and town council races

Lander Ward 1: Joshua Hahn 513, Oakley Corsick Boycott 370

Lander Ward 2: Incumbent Missy White 595, Austin Shields 208

Lander Ward 3: Incumbent John L. Larsen 865 (unopposed)

Riverton Ward 1-2 year: Dean Peranteaux 552 (unopposed)

Riverton Ward 2: Karla Borders 843 (unopposed)

Riverton Ward 3: Michael (Mike) Bailey 862 (unopposed)

Dubois Town Council: 4-year: Bruce J. Thompson 338, Amanda Ysen 219

Dubois Town Council: 2-year: Randall C. Lahr, 365

Pavillion Town Council: 4-year: Jacque Stoldt 49; write ins, 13

Pavillion Town Council: 2-year: Patricia Johnson 50, Lori Blowers 44

Shoshoni Town Council: Tammie Hardkte 131, Jacob Stetler, 114

County election tallies

Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese issued a statement at the courthouse Tuesday night on the election returns. She cautioned that the following are unofficial results, and while write-in votes are reported, if they are greater than the votes cast for the candidates on the ballot, her office will have to count them before the canvass board meets on Friday. If they are less than the highest candidate on the ballot, then the candidate on the ballot will be the unofficial winner until the canvass board meets to affirm the results. Write-in candidates for legislative offices, state offices, and U.S. Representative are determined by the state canvass board following the county canvass board.

Preliminary results from Tuesday night

32 of 32 precincts reporting: 13,734 ballots cast

(R=Republican; D=Democrat; C=Constitution; L=Libertarian; I-Independent)

U.S. Representative: Harriet Hageman (R) 8,539; Lynette Greybull (D) 3,519; Marissa Selvig (C) 686; Richard Brubaker (L) 420

Governor: Mark Gordon (R) 9,866; Theresa Livingston (D) 1,939; Jared Baldes (L) 802

Secretary of State: Chuck Gray (R) 9,795; Write-ins 943

State Auditor: Kristi Racines (R) 11,032

State Treasurer: Curt Meier (R) 10,755

Supt. of Public Instruction: Megan Degenfelder (R) 9,588; Sergio A. Maldonado Sr. (D) 3,396

State Senator District 28: Cale Case (R) 4,365

State Representative District 28: John R. Winter (R) 259; Kimberly M. Bartlett (D) 32 (Including total from Big Horn Basin Winter: 3,139, Bartlett 855)

State Representative District 33: Sarah Penn (R) 1,077; Andi LeBeau (D) 867

State Representative District 34: Pepper Ottman (R) 3,407

State Representative District 54: Lloyd Charles Larsen (R) 2,645; Jeff Martin (I) 1,560

State Representative District 55: Ember Oakley (R) 1,795; Bethany Baldes (L) 1,175

County Commission District 1: Clarence V. Thomas (R) 899

County Commission District 3: Ron Fabrizius (R) 1,355; Travis Becker (I) 1,204

County Commission District 4: Michael A. Jones 2,612

County Coroner: Erin Ivie (R) 11.474

County Attorney: Patrick LeBrun (R) 10,501

County Sheriff: Ryan D. Lee (R) 11,173

County Clerk: Julie A. Freese (R): 11,392; write-in 396

County Treasurer: James A. Anderson (R) 10,812

County Assessor: Tara Berg (R) 11,101

Clerk of the District Court: Kristi H. Green (R) 11,280

Judicial Retention 9th Circuit Court Judge Jefferson B. Coombs – Lander – Yes 8,947, No 2,435

Judicial Retention 9th Circuit Court Judge Wesley A. Roberts – Riverton – Yes 9,557, No 2,372