Bob Hussa, a retired CWC professor, tried to get a traffic control signal erected at the intersection of Hill Street, College Hill Drive, and West Main a decade ago. On Tuesday, he and others asked the city to take a look at what they called a dangerous intersection. WyoToday photo by Ernie Over.

By Ernie Over

Much of the discussion at Tuesday night’s Riverton City Council meeting concerned the intersection of Hill Street, College Hill Drive and West Main, where proponents are seeking installation of a traffic signal.
That intersection sits just west of the Central Wyoming College campus.

Resident Chuck Rodgers presented his case for consideration of a traffic signal using charts, maps and photos. It was Rodgers’ contention that the Hill Street intersection was more dangerous than College View Avenue, where the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) placed a traffic signal some years ago.

Testimony at the meeting indicated WYDOT uses traffic counts to determine where traffic signals should be placed, and College View had more traffic at that time. Rodgers said the only fatality resulting from a crash was at Hill Street, also noting that his wife’s car was T-boned at that intersection causing serious injury to her. He also said more collisions occurred at the Hill Street Intersection than at College View, using data from WYDOT and the Riverton Police.

WYDOT’s Resident Construction Engineer Robert Scheidemantel said traffic signal decisions are made by the state’s traffic engineers, not him. Rodgers’ presentation was backed up by Bob Hussa, a retired professor at Central Wyoming College who tried unsuccessfully to have a traffic signal placed there a decade ago. Hussa said there is now much more traffic on the West end of campus than when the original traffic survey was completed. He suggested a new traffic study be conducted, along with lowering the speed limit coming into and out of town from 45 mph to 35 mph. He said the stretch of West Main from the Maverik Store to the cemetery has become a speedway.

City Administrator Kyle Butterfield said city staff would look into a formal request for a new traffic study at the intersection. Mayor Richard Gard said the issue could be discussed at a future One Cent Tax Committee meeting.

There was also discussion of speeding problems along West Monroe and Riverview and turning problems at the new median strip at the crosswalk at Main and First. No action was taken on the requests.