By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer          

The Riverton Peace Mission, along with community support entities are presenting a 

day of learning and advice in Ft. Washaki on October 22, 2022. The event is being held at the Frank B. Wise Business Center and will feature presenters from the Wyoming ACLU, Equal Justice Wyoming, and Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. 

The purpose of this event is to provide education about several of the most difficult areas of civil rights and to advise the public about the opportunities available to them in seeking assistance in these areas. The most important part of dealing with these issues is simply to know what each person’s rights are under the law and to exercise these rights accordingly when needed. 

Riverton Peace Mission is inviting all community members to attend and educate themselves by listening to the experts and participating in the classes provided. This event is open to all, but registration is required by going to The Riverton Peace Mission website.  

Know Your Rights presenters

Sara Robinson

Nu Sosori nI en Doya Donzia; my Eastern Shoshone name is Mountain Flower. I have worked in the arena of domestic violence and sexual assault for approximately a half-century. I am very excited and honored to be a team member of an exceptional organization that provides indispensable services, education, and support to a critical population, domestic violence, and sexual assault victims and survivors, in Wyoming and the Wind River Reservation. I am looking forward to working with a unique group of colleagues with diverse and unique experiences to increase and expand my vision.

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Angie Dorsch

Angie Dorsch is the executive director of Equal Justice Wyoming, a program of the Wyoming Supreme Court tasked with developing and maintaining a statewide system of civil legal services. Dorsch attended law school at Texas Tech University School of Law where she completed a joint degree program. She was awarded a JD with honors and an MS in financial planning in December 2004. She also received her MBA from Texas Tech University Rawls  College of Business in 2008. Dorsch practiced with the firm Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas from 2005 until the beginning of her employment with Equal Justice Wyoming in 2012. Dorsch is licensed to practice law in Texas, Wyoming, and Colorado.


Antonio Serrano

Antonio Serrano is the advocacy director for the ACLU of Wyoming and builds ACLU’s public education and advocacy programs through coalition-building, leadership development, communication, and lobbying. He ensures that supporters of the ACLU of Wyoming have the tools, information, and opportunities to be effective advocates on issues like immigration and criminal justice reform.

Serrano joined the ACLU of Wyoming in 2018 as an organizer. In this role, he played a large role in campaigns like WyoSayNo, a coalition that fought and successfully blocked two private prison companies from building an immigration detention center in Uinta County, and the Wyoming Rapid Response Network, a team that documents actions by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in the state.

Prior to joining the ACLU of Wyoming, Serrano founded Juntos, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for immigrants. Thanks to his work, Juntos has been able to provide “Know Your Rights” handbooks and legal documents to hundreds of immigrant families around Wyoming.

Serrano has the people and Wyoming in his heart and has promised to spend his life working to make sure his state lives up to the name of the Equality State.