Runners started the Glow Run 5K from the parking lot of the Fremont Therapy Group on Saturday evening, dressed in neon colors and glow sticks. Photo by Shawn O’Brate.

Shawn O’Brate

RIVERTON – There are quite a few “new” traditions that have come about since the beginning of COVID-19’s appearance in our world, whether they be close-knit traditions like spaghetti or movie night, or even big, community events like the one that took place Saturday night. 

Saturday marked the second annual Glow Run 5K hosted by Fremont Therapy Group on Sunset Drive in Riverton. The event was put together by Fremont Therapy Group’s Mitch Johnson and Cassey Lynn last year with the idea that the business could do more to give back to the community. 

The run was not only a fun sight to see, filled with glow sticks and neon clothing, but it was also a great opportunity to help two local groups that need all the support they can get.

“We love giving back to the community however we can,” Johnson said before the start of the 5K. “We realized [Boys & Girls Club] needed a lot of funding and lots of helping where they can … then after we had some interactions with Eagles Hope [Transitions] and just realized they need some help too, so we said let’s put this together and help get them some money.”

Eagles Hope Transitions is a local nonprofit corporation that provides residents of Fremont County a way to “help create, build, and transition back into their families and / or communities with the knowledge, skills and guidance they require,” which is something that Fremont Therapy Group admires. 

They also admire the Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming for all the work it does with the youth in Riverton, Lander and much of Fremont County, which is why the therapy group specifically chose the organization last year as well.

“Last year Mitch and I got our heads together and thought ‘what if we put on an event that’s annually [something ] that these two organizations can depend on for funds?’ whether it’s a little bit or a lot,” Lynn, the Fremont Therapy Group liaison, said.

Over double the number of runners showed up at the business for its second annual Glow Run 5K, which made Lynn “very, very thankful” and “a little bit overwhelmed.” That was a good problem to have for the group as they knew that the Riverton community would not only want to donate to these great causes, but they also would want to dance to the live DJ’s playlists and dress like they were in the 1980s. 

“We thought it would be fun,” Johnson said about the theme of the Glow Run 5K. “When you look at glow, neon, that correlates with the ‘80s perfectly.”

“I love the theme,” Lynn said. “It’s just something that’s different that people can look forward to each year.”

One of those people that was looking forward to the theme and the run was Riverton Mayoral candidate, Tim Hancock, who attended and ran with his family to help two organizations he truly cares about.  

“I love it … If it’s something that I really think you need to raise money for then I’m there,” Hancock said. “And something like this, it’s for a good cause, I’m there.”

Hancock, who also ran in the Fast and the Furrious 5K earlier this year, was just one part of the Riverton community that showed out for the Boys & Girls Club and Eagles Hope Transitions. 

“It’s getting bigger and bigger,” Johnson said. “It’s a really good representation of everybody in our community.”

“Anytime you have something … trying to raise money, the community shows up and donates and it’s awesome,” Hancock added. “This is a lot of good people and they come out in force, and it really shows the support behind the community for Eagles Hope and the Boys & Girls Club.”

In the end it was Robby Lee who crossed the finish line first out of the 100+ attendees while Melody Hancock won the “best dressed” award. Over “a few thousand” dollars were raised to help out the two organizations, which caused Lynn and Johnson to be extremely excited about the promise of next year’s numbers.

Next year’s Glow Run looks to be even bigger and could possibly house some food trucks or more “swag” for those that attend, so be on the lookout for more information on next year’s Glow Run 5K.