Shawn O’Brate

Everlie Muellner smiled next to a steer she got to pet at the farmer’s market.

RIVERTON – This past Wednesday afternoon, at the Riverton City Park, the weekly farmer’s market took place with special events circling around the typical tables and vendors that frequent the market. 

Why? Because it was the Farmer’s Market Fall Carnival Night and there were plenty of fun activities for kids and adults alike. 

Riverton Museum’s Alma Law announced shows, events and more throughout the day with families and friends spending more than the usual 20-30 minutes walking around the vendors in order to see what was happening next. 

Magic shows, cake walks, and bingo featuring chicken poop were all events that kept the attention of people young and old. The Carnival Night was a huge success, all thanks to the help of volunteers and helpers that included free food and snacks, donated by vendors all across the market.

Outside carnival games like toilet paper toss, milk bottle knockdown, and vertical skee-ball were all being hosted by the Riverton High School cheer, FCCLA, Key Club, NHS and Student Council. Those carnival games made “well over $230” which went directly into each clubs’ fundraising piles. 

At the end of the day the Farmer’s Market board of directors were “very impressed” with the multiple new faces and different crowds that came out to support the market in their second-to-last-week. 

“We had a lot of new faces,” Mercedes Rae, the market manager said, “the inclusion of the students brought people we’ve never seen before…which was my personal ultimate goal for this season.”

Silent auctions, sponsored by Bloedorn Lumber, were “a hit” when it came to keeping adults wondering if they could walk away with some items for free but in the end almost everybody that showed up to the event walked away with something for free. 

Not only did adults walk away smiling, but kids did too. Whether it be from winning a balloon animal in a carnival game or being able to feed and pet a longhorn steer, there were plenty of reasons to smile for everyone involved.

Next week is the final market of the season before they pack up for the Winter only to return next Spring, but overall this year’s Wednesday markets were a huge success, especially compared to some of the weeks during the height of COVID. 

Be sure to check out the final week of the market next week and support local businesses and vendors while they’re still around!