News Release from Fremont County

The Fremont County Courthouse pictured in June 2021. photo by Ernie Over

The Fremont County Commissioners Tuesday took a number of actions during their morning session. Included are:

• A transfer of location for a retail liquor license was approved for FBS Hudson, LLC, D/B/A Frank’s Butcher Shop from 9049 Highway 789 to an adjacent b uilding at 9065 Highway 789, Hudson. 

• Due to continuing negotiations of a renewal contract with MASA, the Commissioners approved payment of Emergent Claims from employees in the time frame July 31, 2022 to present from the Health Insurance Fund upon presentation of a denial letter from MASA.

• Documents related to the Country Acres Road Reconstruction Project were approved: 1.) Compliance Certification to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; 2.) Warrant (one year expiration date of July 1, 2023); 3.) Certificate of Final Completion (Sept. 11, 2022); 4.) Pay Order $5 for progress payment to contractor totaling $100,613.22 (which includes a deduct of $25,000 for liquidated damages); and 5.) Change order #1 to reconcile final amounts for a total contract price of $1,497,983.73 ($121,359.52 Under Budget).

• Nelson Architects, LLC, proposal for professional services in an amount not to exceed $47,060 for the courtroom remodel project was approved with funding through American Rescue Program Act (ARPA) Funds. 

• The 71 Construction budget proposal of $10,430 for a drain on the east side of the Fairgrounds parking lot was approved with ARPA funding in conjunction with the Fairgrounds Paving Project.