By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

Members of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and Riverton Police Department Tactical Teams discuss options.

On Monday Morning, the Riverton Police Department received a call that caused concern at the corner of Adams and Federal in Riverton. 

The call at 10:35 a.m. reported two gunshots were heard and that people were seen running into Apartment #5 at the north end of a row of apartments behind the former Big O Tires Building. Initial concern was in regard to weapons and a potential weapons offense at the apartments at 811 E. Adms. According to witnesses on the scene, the police arrived to investigate the call and were somehow concerned by what they found. Backup was called and the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Sheriff and Undersheriff along with available Riverton Police surrounded the apartment complex, cleared the residents in the adjacent units and focused on one residence. Residents in the surrounding neighborhood were told not to go outside. The Riverton Tactical Response Team was also involved throughout the incident with firearms drawn and pointing at the apartment in question.

After almost five hours of standing by, the officers breached the residence, finding nobody at home and no reason to remain. E. Adams was cleared for traffic. Reporters are still awaiting an official statement from the Riverton Chief of Police about the incident. You may find updates as they become available on