Healing through Hunting in Lysite 

By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

LYSITE – The little known organization that is having a huge impact on the veterans of our great nation is hosting a banquet at the Lysite Fire Hall on Saturday the 17th of September. The purpose of the event is to support the veterans that are struggling by providing them with the opportunity to connect with the great outdoors in wonderful Wyoming. 

The historical healing that comes from the comradery that is developed between the sponsors, who act like guides to insure a fruitful hunt and former soldiers who are struggling with the trauma of war and stories that are too catastrophic to capture in words is life changing for both people. The hunt, in all its struggle, bonds the two together as they discuss the difficulties of the landscape and the tactical requirements of a successful hunt. 

These vets are selected from all over the country and it is the goal of the organization, founded by Jason Wilson and Oscar Lawson of Lucid Optics in Riverton, to never deny a request. As Jason states, “if they need travel expenses, we are there, boots, clothing, equipment or even a weapon, we are there. There is never an out of pocket cost to any member of the veteran community for this therapeutic outreach.” Unfortunately, as a citizen of Wyoming, eligibility for a hunt is difficult, says Jason. We offer hunts in Indiana and fishing adventures in the Gulf Of Mexico for those who desire it. They are working to expand the offerings and hope to make this as big as it needs to be. 

The event will be in the evening and the community of Lysite is supporting it with a giant pot luck dinner for the 21 candidates of this year’s hunt. “The community has really come together around this event and we don’t hold auctions or any other fundraising events to provide the monies necessary to make this happen. We rely on the generosity of individuals. Lucid Optics digs deep into their own resources and some of the people in Riverton have stepped up as well. A well known employee of Atlantic City Credit union recently won an internal contest and she was able to pick a charity that the credit union would donate $10,000.00 to in her name. She selected Vet Healing Adventures to be that charity. Bill Banks, owner and master knife maker of Fremont Knives, who specializes in a particular type of Damascus Steel hunting knives donated a custom made knife and sheath for a raffle to raise money for the hunt. 

It is the philanthropy of the community of Riverton that makes this an event of pure hospitality that will remind all veterans that we have not forgotten the sacrifice made by our soldiers throughout the history of conflict that our nation has endured with their sacrifice. 

Please join the Ranger, Lander Journal and The Wind River News along with all of Edwards Media in wishing the veterans a successful hunt and to the citizens who support this fine effort, Thank You for the sacrifice you are making on behalf of the Veterans of these United States of America.