By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

St. Stephens Indian School Entrance.

The following list of questions were sent to the BIE in Washington due to the recent changes at St. Stephens School. Per Bureau of Indian Education policy, the questions were submitted on August 25 of this year for review and answers. We have received the response and are sharing it with our readers.

Rebitski: How is your enrollment looking? Are you meeting expectations for this fall?

BIE: We are exceeding our enrollment expectations and last year’s enrollment numbers with approximately 184 students currently enrolled.  We are pleased and feel honored that so many families are entrusting us with their children’s educational success! 

Rebitski:What about sports? Will you field teams this year or will you wait until next year? 

BIE:The interim school board, BIE staff and school staff have been working together to ensure the continuation of athletics.  All fall sports have begun. 

Rebitski: Have you filled your staff openings in both contracted and certified staff? If not, what are you still looking for?  

BIE:We are currently recruiting for various positions that can be accessed through the and  There are also some positions being posted locally which can be seen on the BIE site above.  We have also been sharing this information on the school’s Facebook page.  We are working to fill vacancies with BIE staff detailed from our other sister schools to ensure we can start the school year as scheduled on September 19th. 

Rebitski:What can the community do to help in the coming weeks to assist you in getting the school year started? 

BIE: We appreciate patience and understanding from the community as we work to stand up the school in such a short amount of time.  

Rebitski: What is the morale like with the current staff? Are they ready for the challenge? Are you planning any retreats to pump up the staff?

BIE: Our staff is excited to be working at St. Stephens Indian School and serve our community and students. 

With all going according to plan, St. Stephens Indian School will open on September 19, and with a slightly modified schedule, operate with the requisite number of contact hours according to the State of Wyoming. 

We will bring any updates to our readers as they are shared with us. More information can be found on the St. Stephen’s Website.