By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

Taylor Malcolm, left, 14, and Bryland Davis, 15. Photo by Jeff Rebitski

On Friday evening, the Fairgrounds became the place for BBQ beef and pulled pork as the “Specializers” 4-H club, a local group who focuses on livestock judging and showmanship was attempting to earn the necessary funds to travel to Columbus, Ohio for the 4-H nationals. 

During the evening’s activities, the silent auction was stocked with donated items that were all designed to bring in the much needed money that will send these exceptional kids to the Nationals in Columbus later in the year. The pivotal auction item was a 10+ score in cuteness and cuddle. An 8 week old, yellow labrador retriever was donated by a Local Breeder.

These dedicated young men and women are part of a small group of people who see the beauty in the art of livestock judging. Never spoken about but all very necessary for the agriculture industry to promote top bloodlines and breeding traits that will always rank us top in the world in livestock production. These judges will select the best and brightest in their respective breeds, pushing only the best to the top and rewarding the breeders that work to build and breed only the best.

After the dinner, folks were entertained with music and desserts, all donated by parents and supporters of the program. Lori Gardner, rancher and horsewoman from Riverton, stated,” I was doing this in the 70’s and I know how hard it is to raise money for a trip. We do this so this tradition continues.” Now a grandmother, she hopes to introduce her grandkids to the most influential, non-school, education program in the world.