By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

Molly Vandenboogart browsed through a shelf of books at the Riverton Library Book Sale Wednesday afternoon.

The Friends of the Riverton Branch Library is still hard at work, behind the scenes every week to support the efforts of “Your” local library. 

On the First Wednesday and second Friday of each month, the ladies on the board of directors open the doors to the vast collection of books that are available to the public at drastically reduced prices. From $.25 to  $5.00, there is something for everyone and every age. There are great deals in the way of $5.00 and $10.00 bags you can fill as full as you like for one price. 

“The books are either rotating out of the library collections or donated by the community,” says Board President Charlotte Donelson. The “Friends” have a very helpful and generous group of volunteers and benefactors who support the group in their quest to fund the purchase of books, audio books and materials for the library so they can host events that provide entertainment and education for the community. 

The once a month board meetings allow for the team of volunteer members to account for the finances and plan for the coming needs of the library. Each year, on average, the “Friends” donate, in excess of $3,500.00 to support the cause of literacy in Riverton. This effort does not include the hours of classifying and cleaning the books in preparation for the sales. Overall, the efforts require a great deal of time. Donelson states that the library staff is able to project the needs and provide the board with an estimate for each event and yearly need. It is then the discretion of the board to support or pass on projects, but the library staff is excellent about their research and are rarely, if ever, denied the funding, she said. 

Past projects and events include: Chalk the Walk, Movies on the lawn, book fairs and story times, summer concerts and the purchase of collections for updating reading materials as well as ongoing child and adult literacy programs. Many around the community are unaware of the items on display and the services that the Riverton Library provides. From Printing to computer access and tax forms to help with research. The staff and volunteers provide a great opportunity for students of all ages and backgrounds to advanced readers of advanced ages. The team also brings in displays, including art and artifacts donated for display by local benefactors. There is always something to do or see at the Riverton Library.

The next big effort will be a fundraiser “Garage Sale” being held in the community room on November 4th and 5th. This is an opportunity for the community to get involved by donating items for the sale and then purchasing items for themselves. This is one of the largest fundraising events of the year for the Friends of the Riverton BranchLibrary

Even with the long list of volunteers, there is always a need for more help. Anyone interested in becoming part of this dynamic team of literary laborers, please contact the library for times and dates of the meetings. If you would like to arrange a donation for the upcoming garage sale, please contact Mary Lynn Pilant, Fundraising Coordinator at