By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

Early American surrey. Photo by Jeff Rebitski.

The Riverton Museum, a fixture in the community stretched out their arms to the community on Saturday the 13th to welcome children of all ages to the site for an afternoon of fun and learning about the farm life of old when strong men and stronger women tamed this land we now call Riverton. 

The activity planned for Saturday was to help those in attendance understand the wild west and how it was won. With branding demonstrations, homemade ice cream and cross stitching, as well as Sack and wheelbarrow racing, there was something for everyone. 

The museum, having already seen the majority of the summer go by, is trying to stimulate the learning process by offering a series of events and activities to entertain and educate the community and those visiting our fine community.  The museum, part of the Fremont County Museum System is a small but mighty place that features artifacts from ancient to usable items from the beginning of Riverton’s history. 

The displays are meticulously presented and include dioramas of various points in history and full sized replicas of a general store as well as static displays of items from Riverton’s glory days in High School Sports.  

One of the most intriguing displays is the Native American clothing and tools that takes up a majority of the first floor. From Jewelry to moccasins, all heavily beaded and presented with tasteful attention given to how people would appreciate the display. 

There are oddities and historical artifacts that demand explanation, like the two headed calf and native weapons. There are staff available to offer their expert insights while you walk among the displays and art that is in the basement. From old to new, the artists present their work for your entertainment and inspiration.  

The next Scheduled event will be held on August 27th from 9:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. and will tour the J.B. Okie Mansion. This is a paid tour and costs $20.00 per person to attend, but promises to shed light on a historical landmark. 

The Next free event is Archaeology Day at the museum. Held on September 24th, will explore the way artifacts are found and preserved. A great way to get dirty while learning, it promises to be a fun filled experience.