By Shawn O’Brate

RIVERTON – If you haven’t gotten out of the house in the past few days you may have missed the new, colorful artwork that has gone up right off Main Street in Riverton above the alleyway sign on Bar Ten. 

The piece was originally much smaller, and can be seen inside of the popular Bar Ten establishment, as it was painted for a contest that took place about one year ago. The Riverton Art Banner project was put on last August with almost 20 local artists all submitting their piece which the public then voted on.

Last week’s Ranger paper showed the first painting that went up from the contest, Rusty Wuertz’s colorful mountain backdrop behind a red fox, above the Riverton Branch Library but this week the second winner went up right off Main Street. 

That piece was painted by local rock star and artist Skot “Skoty” Lain and was inspired by his parents, who pushed him to spread his artwork to the masses.

“My parents talked me into entering the contest,” Lain said, “this painting is dedicated to them.”

Sadly, two months after Lain won the Art Banner contest both his parents passed away, nine minutes apart, which makes the giant, neon trout piece being hung up for everybody to see even more special for the 49-year old. 

“It’s cool, it’s an honor,” Lain said, “This town has a lot of local artwork and it’s awesome that this doesn’t just belong to me anymore. I’m proud to share it.”

When he heard that his artwork would be shared with the town, and the world for that matter, Lain had multiple people he wanted to thank:

“Give God the glory first, from where all blessings come,” Lain praised, “It was overwhelming at first but I couldn’t have done this without my wife, she works so hard so that I can paint and help with our three kids.”

Lain’s three kids are the common inspiration for his artwork, especially with his unique, neon-colored and brightly painted pieces, and he knows that his fun pieces make for an enjoyable sight for them and everybody else. 

For a full-color look at the colorful, neon-looking piece be sure to check out the back page of the sports section (B10) right next to the other winner of the Riverton Art Banner Project–painted by Riverton’s Rusty Wuertz that hangs above the Riverton Branch Library sign

Congratulations on the major accomplishment that brings a bright POP of color to the town!