The meeting for the Riverton Neighborhood or Community Watch program was held Thursday evening at the Council Chambers in City Hall. Carol Harper of the Riverton Chamber of Commerce chaired the meeting and between 12 and 20 people attended according to Greg Tallebas, coordinator of the program.

“It is important that people know that we are here and organizing,” said Tallebas.

The above map shows the zones that are established for the community of Riverton. Meetings are going to be once a month and they will talk about concerns and incorporate training and demonstrations in the near future. 

Riverton Police are supporting this effort and have already given their blessing for the continuation of this program.  This program is designed to make people aware of the community and people they live near. It is not a crime fighting unit, it is a crime prevention force that sees and reports things that are happening in their neighborhood. 

Look for more information to come as the program develops and grows. Questions can be directed to the website at: