By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

Police, Sheriff’s Deputies and other law enforcement officers from around Fremont County have been working overtime in the seasonably warm weather this week to keep everyone safe at the Fremont County Fair. 

They are walking, or driving in extremely hot weather, watching and helping to protect the visitors and showmen that are attending the fair and on Wednesday the 3rd of August, the Fremont County Fair declared “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day,” hoping that each attendee would in some way thank those who serve and protect the citizens of Fremont and the surrounding Counties.

Officers from other towns have been working at the fair and Cody Myers, Police officer from Shoshoni, took a few minutes to speak with me at the fair where his own family was showing their livestock. “Each year there are the usual  petty offenses and overall, the crowd is pretty level headed.” This is a tough job because of the heat. They are constantly moving and although it’s a fun time, it can wear you out. Having done my time in the trenches at a fair in Colorado, this reporter can empathize with his team of officers. “The kids are great and very respectful in the barns,” stated another officer from Riverton Police Department.” “Parents are grateful for the extra coverage and offer us cold drinks and even meals.” 

There was no fanfare or celebration as the police officers and deputies continued to pursue their common goal of protecting and serving the residents of their county during one of the happiest times of the year.  

To all the men and women in all the Law Enforcement agencies and to all the first responders in Fremont County, on behalf of the staff of The Ranger, Lander Journal and Wind River News, Thank you for your service to this community! 

Lord God and Great Spirit,

Thank You for the courageous men and women who have chosen such difficult and dangerous jobs—Police, Fire, EMTs and others. We thank You for their sacrifices and service. We thank You for their hard work in training and preparing. Now, protect them and help them to feel the respect and gratitude of their communities.