By Ernie Over, WyoToday

FREMONT COUNTY – The Fremont County Commissioners Tuesday approved 10 Capital Revolving Fund Purchases totaling $434,907.40 and two purchases from American Rescue Plan Act Funds of $301,795.26. The grand total of purchases: $736,702.66. 

Capital Revolving Fund Purchases were:

• County Commission – Pool Cars (3), 2023 Chevy Traverses, from Fremont Chevrolet,  $97,056

• County Assessor – Chevrolet 1500 pickup from Fremont Chevrolet, $42,272

• Buildings & Grounds – 2023 Chevrolet 2500 pickup with Lift and Plow, Fremont Chevrolet, $62,364

• Museums 2009 – Dodge 2500 pickup with lift, Transfer from Buildings, $10,000

• Museums 2023 – Chevrolet 1500 pickup, Fremont Chevrolet, $43,012

• Sheriff – 2023 Police Package pickup #1, Fremont Chevrolet, $51,348

• Sheriff – 2023 Police Package pickup #2, Fremont Chevrolet, $51,348

• Extension – 2023 Chevrolet 2500 pickup, Fremont Chevrolet, $46,135

• ISS – Network Server, TC, Inc., $7,677.26

• Buildings & Grounds, mower, Alamia, Inc., $13,615.40

American Rescue Plan Act purchases:

• Emergency Management – ID System – ID Wholesaler, $&,677.26

• Buildings & Grounds – Courthouse Windows, Renewal By Anderson, $294.128

In other news from the meeting reported in a news release:

• Amendment three to the lease between the Wyoming Department of Transportation and Fremont County for the 1838 Rendezvous Grounds was approved. That action extends the term of the lease through August 6,2027.

• A contract between wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division and Fremont County was approved for the Public Health Preparedness and Response Unit totaling $110,000

• A Wyoming Association of Risk Management Final Proof of Loss for a Sheriff’s Department Vehicle (2019 Ford F-150) was approved in the amount of $846.97 Less $5,000 deductible.

• An agreement among Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division, Fremont County WIC Program and Fremont County was approved. 

• Resolution No. 2022-19 was approved “Appointment of a Special Prosecutor” with Big Horn County Attorney’s Office. 

• The Board accepted the proposal from the former Fremont County Wellness Coordinator Peny Fahey, for services as a temporary Wellness Program Manager on a month to month basis until a permanent employee is selected for the newly configured Wellness and Safety Coordinator Position. 

• Resolution No. 2022-20 Establishing Fire Restrictions for Fremont County was approved following the recommendation of the Fremont County Fire Warden, effective Wednesday, August 3,2022, at 12:00 p.m. until further notice.