By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

RIVERTON – The opening night of the Riverton Rodeo Roundup kicked off with a salute to the men and women who protect our freedoms against all enemies forwign or domestic and stand where few dare to stand in the face of catastrophe and peril. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces go beyond our borders into the breach to serve the citizens of our country and all others. 

During the presentation of the flags during the opening ceremony, one of the outriders carrying the flag of the United States Navy, had a mishap with her horse. During the fray, the flag fell to the dirt as the young rider regrouped and the ceremony went on. 

Without hesitation, Riverton Police Chief Eric Murphy ran in from the sidelines and picked up the fallen flag and assumed the correct position in the line of flags representing each branch of the United States Armed Forces.Standing proud, Chief Murphy held high the flag and in his dedication to honor, spoke volumes to the crowd about the dignity and pride we as an American people feel for our men and women in  the service of our nation. 

No matter the place or time, it seems that each American has the capacity to take action and when needed, take a position to hold high the colors of our nation, without question or concern for one’s own safety, place themselves in the path of danger for the sake of others. 

This act of patriotism is simply part of the fabric of our community and should be recognized throughout our neighborhoods and schools as who we are and what we strive to be. 

With honor, we recognize the brave men and women of our nation’s armed forces.