Dahahlia Apodaca_s Sphynx Breed Cat. Smurf, was named the Grand Champion Cat at Saturday morning_s cat show at the Fremont County Fair in Riverton.

By Ernie Over


The Shaded part of the Show Lawn at the Fremont County Fair early Saturday morning was the domain of dozens of felines and their young handlers, waiting for their pets to be judged. The kitties were well behaved, except for one panicked moment during a lineup, but daddy came to the rescue and the kitty calmed down. 

The program was started a little on the tardy side, due to a car issue with an event judge in Lander, so to the rescue came Physician’s AssistantTrace Pfiefer, who was at the Pink Ribbon Run and who is a cat owner. His Mom from Arkansas is a veterinarian, so he came well prepared to examine each kitty. 

To win Senior Showmanship, the cat owner had to discuss the history of his or her cat breed, special attributes of their cat, explain how to groom and check the cat for any physical issues, explain what the cat eats and how much it is fed, and how old the cat is. The cat is held aloft to show the body style and length. The eyes are checked, the teeth bared, the ear

s checked, the face displayed to show the triangle shape of the skull, the tail is checked to make sure there are no bends or breaks in it, the paws are checked and so are the toenails, and so on.  All of this combined, when told to the judge, adds up to the final scoring.  Winning this competition was Elayna Hedges, 17 of Lander, who’s mixed breed cat, Pixie, was named the champion. 

The winners of all the divisions were then put together for Judge Pfiefer to determine the best overall feline. He didn’t hesitate. After reviewing the finalists one last time, he pointed to Dahalia Apodaca’s cat, Smurf, a hairless Sphynx breed as the Grand Champion. Pfiefer said hairless cats need constant attention to keep their skin soft and in excellent condition. He said Dahalia’s cat had flawless skin tone, which he said takes a lot of work, and for that reason, he named it #1. Dahalia also made a good presentation of her cats breed, which impressed him.