By Shawn O’Brate

LANDER – On Saturday the Lander Golf Course held yet another fundraiser with money going to a good cause, which isn’t surprising for the gorgeous golf club, but this time it was for something a little more close to home: the Lander Golf Course.

Yes, the annual Lander Golf Course Fundraiser Tournament took place on a humid day at the top of the hill with the goal being simple: helping the course, which in turn helps the golfers themselves.

With construction on the nearby airport making changes somewhat necessary for the Lander Golf Course it was an appropriate time to house the tournament as well, making things fall into place on the sunny Saturday.

“We’re putting in new cart paths, moving some tees, lengthening some things,” Lander golf pro Greg Stimpson said, “we’re trying to make it more playable for everyone, and make more enjoyable.”

With a silent auction on the deck full of gifts like two tickets to the Denver Broncos–Kansas City Chiefs season finale game, a Mountain Dew golf bag, and multiple tee times at golf courses like Jackson Hole and Devil’s Tower, it was easy to see the money come in for the multiple projects the golf course has coming up.

The Lander Golf Club Fundraising Tournament was held at Lander Golf Course Saturday morning.

“It’s amazing,” Stimpson reflected at the end of the day, “the people that gave and made some donations…I can’t say enough about this community.”

In the end, the tournament raised “just short of $9,500” to help the golf course that makes hundreds and hundreds of Fremont County golfers happy with the views, the greens, and the fairways that are always miraculously taken care of. 

“Everybody who has a fundraiser goes and asks these people to contribute and they still do,” Stimpson said about those that gave money to help, “Here we are, almost in August, and people are still digging deep in their pockets and supporting [us]. It’s humbling, but it’s also really inspiring to see the community come together around our projects.”

With the tournament over and the money going immediately into the golf course it’s obvious why the golf course has been able to raise as much as they have and keep golfers coming to the nearly-90 year old course. 

“It’s pretty tough to beat being up here,” Stimpson said about the course, “we have the best view in town, the conditions of the course is great, I think people appreciate that [and] what is being done on the level that we can do it…we have to stretch our dollar a lot further than some of the bigger courses.”

Stimpson and the rest of the Lander Golf Course have had plenty to be happy about over the past few weeks, especially with “golf weather” being a daily occurrence, but after Saturday’s fundraiser they will be even happier than normal.