By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

As the summer rolls on, the annual school budget authorization, as required by state statute, was on Wednesday night’s Riverton Board agenda.

Fremont School District 25 in Riverton opened their regular meeting only after hearing their $77.8 million budget for the last time, explained by Matt Gonzales, Business Manager for Fremont 25. Included in the overall budget is a General Fund Budget of $40-million. The budget was presented and board members asked questions that were promptly answered by Gonzales. The public was asked to present any questions they may have, but no response was received. The board motion was made and the budget was approved by unanimous vote. 

The Tonkin Stadium and adjacent building demolition plan was addressed and several board motions were made for the appointment of local companies to handle the details for the architecture and demolition process. It was explained by Superintendent Dr. Joanne Andre- Flannigan,  “that the process of tearing down a building is often as laborious as putting one up.”

The board passed all items related to the project and were elated by the proposal. “It has been 40 years since we began this process and it is so good to have this finally happening.” stated Board Member Carl Manning. 

The final changes for the salary schedule were discussed and approved. This motion will put a new and progressive salary schedule in place that will begin to dissipate the salary disparity between the district and the state norms. Currently the staff are paid significantly less than state averages, making it difficult to attract qualified staff to the district. This plan will ultimately balance and increase the pay for certified staff, creating a more attractive pay scale for potential employees and ease financial burdens for current employees.