By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

RIVERTON – On Wednesday, July 13, the Fairgrounds hosted a painting class that was designed to inspire artistic expression as well as raising operating money for the popular Paws Animal for Life Animal Rescue in Riverton.

The class, taught by Art Teacher and Paws supporter, Kait Quinton, gives people a chance to express their creative desires in a safe and fun environment that provides support and instruction for everyone from the most inexperienced painter to the accomplished artist. 

Included with the cost of the class, is the canvas, paint and brushes that you will need to complete your piece. A subject is provided if you desire, but inspiration and interpretation will take you wherever you heart desires and the class allows for that. 

Kait, a math teacher in Green River during the school year, states that her classes are set up to support non-profit organizations and $15.00 of every participation fee goes directly to the organization. During this particular class, $800.00 was raised to support this necessary cause in Riverton.  

Paws has been in Riverton for years and as the only animal shelter in the area,  houses and protects dogs, cats and other animals while suitable homes can be found. Local agencies like the police and Sheriff’s Office depend on Paws for taking in the Animals found by local officers and residents. There is no other organization doing this in Riverton and the Shelter operates on private donations and grants applied for by the staff. Staff members are almost all volunteers and donate time to support the cause. 

If you are interested in adopting, fostering or supporting an animal, please contact the rescue. Monetary donations are always welcome and can be submitted online through the website: