By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

In recent polls across the country, a majority of the American population believes that we, as a nation, are in need of a revolutionary approach to the American form of Government, a return to “of the people, by the people and for the people. A change that means what was said in the campaign will be carried out in the term of office by candidates with integrity and pride in their party and in their country. 

In a conversation with Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Rex Rammell DVM as he drove to yet another campaign stop along his journey to the governor’s office, he explained the big picture for me and unfolded his platform for our readers. 

When asked,”Why the Governor’s Office?” Former Veterinarian Rex Rammell stated, “Because we need someone who is brave enough to take back what is rightfully ours, meaning the state of Wyoming. When I take the office, I am kicking all the bureaucrats out on the first day. Not the people on the ground, just the policy makers who have given all the authority we have away to the federal government. We will manage our own resources, both above and below the ground.” When asked how he could manage that, Rex told me that the power has always been there, just never exercised and it is granted by the constitution and the 10th amendment. 

In simple terms, the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution sets out the limits to the powers of the federal government. It states that any powers that the Constitution does not give to the federal government are the states’ responsibility.

In that context, the state of Wyoming would and could manage our resources like oil, natural gas, minerals above and below the ground as well as the timber and wildlife. 

According to Rex, these are the rights that we have and they need to be protected and then exercised on behalf of the people of our state. “These changes are going to be radical and I understand that, but having just come from a campaign meeting, this is what the people want!” 

When asked how this would affect the Reservation, and the oversight by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Rex stated that the Native Americans have desired true autonomy for some time and given the opportunity, I believe that they would manage their people and businesses. They have so many natural resources to sell, they would not need federal government funding and they could install a genuine government system with elections and policies that would benefit their citizens. 

In wrapping your mind around this, it may start to make sense as this would allow the state to open independent trade agreements with other countries and contract with industry to transport and distribute the coal, oil and uranium from Wyoming. This would not work for all states as many states do not outright own the land they sit upon. It is all private land, whereas Wyoming owns and retains title on 42,320 square miles of public lands that could still be used for hunting, fishing, recreation and the like. 

There are currently 11 other states that can make a similar claim, but someone has to lead the charge. These 11 states could solve the oil crisis on their own, effectively saving the country from dependence on any foreign oil while controlling the values of minerals within the state. 

“We are not going to secede,” says Rex.  “The federal government will still hold title to the lands as part of the United States. We will just manage the resources.” 

On his website, Rex posts a book that he authored that better explains his concepts and theories about where our country has gone and why it needs to change. 

In his book, A Nation Divided The War for America‘s Soul  Rex quotes,” The Original Heart and Soul of Americans used to roar like young lions for freedom; Now we bleat like sheep for security.” —Norman Vincent Peale

According to Rex, “if we manage this correctly, we may be able to eliminate property taxes all together in Wyoming just because we can generate revenue through the sale of oil and gas. That would remove a huge burden from our community.”

With all that needs to be done in a campaign, you might think that he has an enormous staff keeping him on schedule and in the right place at the right time, but you would be wrong. I asked Rex about his schedule and he stated that he is doing all his own driving across this magnificent land and he sleeps in his motorhome. His goal is to define the needs of the people and incorporate their ideas wherever possible. “I attended a meeting last night Jeff, The people were electrified and supported my ideas. That is what drives me forward. I feel that I am called to serve the people of Wyoming.”