By Ernie Over, WyoToday

The Fremont County Commissioners Tuesday approved an amendment and an extension of its fuel supply contract with Bailey Enterprises of Riverton for County Government and Solid Waste District use at four cents more for delivery over the current contract which expires at the end of this month. County Planner Steve Baumann, whose office administers the fuel contract, said  “there have been some wild swings in the prices for unleaded and diesel fuel this year, as the public knows.” The county signs a contract each year with a fuel supplier and the last contract is being extended an additional year. Baumann said the county agreed to pay the fuel vendor the “rack price at the refinery or wholesaler” and in the new contract pays an additional 25 cents for unleaded (up from 21 cents) and 26 cents for diesel (up from 22 cents) for the vendor’s markup and profit. “Basically, we’re budgeting double for fuel this year than last,” Baumann said. The last invoice the county received was on June 7th and on that date the county was paying $4.35/g for unleaded and $5.20/g for diesel. “It’s important to note that as a government entity, we don’t pay the fuel taxes like a regular resident would pay,” he said, “that accounts for the difference in price.”

A news release from the Commission Office detailed the other actions taken by the board:

• A Memorandum of Understanding between the Wyoming Department of Health’s Public Health Division and Fremont County was approved to provide Home Visitation Services, Children’s Special Health Program Services and other Maternal and Child Health Services for a total payment not to exceed $296,000.

• A contract between the Wyoming Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Division and Fremont County Commissioners as governing body for the Court Assisted Supervised Treatment of Fremont County was approved in the amount of $200,272.20

• A standard form of agreement with DOWL Engineers was approved in the amount not to exceed $200,000for the Road Service Management Plan was approved. 

• A contract between the Wyoming Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Division and Fremont County as the governing body for the Juvenile Treatment Court of Fremont County was approved in the amount of $187,509.48.

• A cooperative agreement between the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Fremont County Commissioners for the bridge over Haymaker Draw was approved for development of a Reconnaissance Report with both parties contributing a total of $10.000 and the remainder paid with Federal Aid Funds. 

• Final one-half cent M.O.V.E. payment awards (Making Opportunity for a Viable Economy) were made in the amount of $4,833.33 to the Fremont County Start-Up Challenge winners: Alicia Rux, Cottonwood Creek Wool; Daniel Bristol Steward, High Country Fungus; and Eric Locker, Locker Custom Cabinets.

• Following completion of a 45-day comment period, the commission approved the proposed Fremont County Planning and Rural Addressing FY2023 Fee Schedule. 

• Thomas Herret and Jeremy Crews were appointed to three-year terms on the Fremont County Museum Board.

• Margaret Wells (at large) and Bobby Hague (Riverton) were re-appointed to three-year terms on the Fremont County Recreation Commission.

• Kip Post of Riverton was appointed to a three-year term on the Wind River Visitors Council. 

• Frank Estates Subdivision, Tract 2 re-subdivision was approved, dividing the current 2.32 acre lot into a 1.00 acre and 1.32 acres tracts. 

• The 2022  County Commission meeting schedule was amended as follows: July 12th meeting cancelled with meetings held July 5 and 19; and the September 27 meeting moved to September 20. 

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