By Jeff Rebitski, Staff Writer

Bethany Baldes, President Elect for the Riverton Chamber of Commerce, is looking forward to a successful summer in Riverton. Her dedication to “the programs that previous president Janet Winslow started will shape the future of business relations in the community for years to come” she said.  “Jannet set us up with a lot of programs and relationships.” 

“There are approximately 800 businesses in Riverton and if all of them became members, there would be a great deal of network support and collaboration within the community. We need the power of all business locked together for a bigger, better outcome, Baldes states.” She went on to say that she felt that “this summer would be exceptional and perhaps the best ever with all the activities and events that are planned.” With concerts in the park and food trucks, Fair activities and festivals, rendezvous activities and games to attend, she said “there is never a dull moment in this community.” Each weekend has a theme we move into the summer with and not taking advantage of them is your loss, she indicated. The Chamber of Commerce takes on the obligation to provide resources to the community that will entertain as well as educate, inspire and intrigue.

The list of events includes events like The Northern Arapaho Exhibition at the WInd RIver Casino, Riverton Baseball Skills camp, The “break a Leg” summer camp for acting and music, Summer reading at the Library as well as Movies on the grass, also at the library.

Activities listed on are available to the community. And there appears to be something for everyone courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce and the men and women who call this town home. “Taking advantage of the community’s efforts is what the Chamber wants you to do” according to Baldes. “Take the time to attend some of the outstanding events provided for you.” Most events are free of charge and some are the local business owners’ efforts to open their doors to a new clienttell who will then continue their patronage, creating a relationship that benefits everyone. 

For more information on how to become a member, you may go to and see what is important to you. Then, get started enjoying the fun your community has to offer right here in Riverton.

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